Sunday, April 25, 2010

Oprah: Don't text and drive....

Here, from today's NY Times Op-Ed section, is Oprah Winfrey on cell phone driver distraction.

Those of us who walk and ride bicycles and motorcycles, vulnerable as we are to motorists who aren't paying attention, will be pleased that Oprah has weighed-in against this craziness. The article, as you'll see, is written for drivers who may be tempted to distract themselves from the task at hand - driving.

And we'd never do that. We've got our priorities straight behind the wheel. Right?

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Jim said...

Time for pedestrians and bicycle riders to take matters into their own hands. If you see a driver texting - reach out and SLAP the car. Make a noise. Shake your fist. Stick out your tongue. Make the driver KNOW that you SEE how stupid they're being . . . stupid and reckless.

And remember - in a world full of drunk and texting drivers you are simply INVISIBLE. Know that and stay alive.

And when a car driver strikes a pedestrian, bicyclist or motorcycle and claims they didn't see them, charge them with MURDER.