Tuesday, July 7, 2009

To North Dakota....for lunch

I belong to the Four Stroke Singles National Owners Club - for riders of motorcycles known affectionately as thumpers. My green Kawasaki is a thumper.

A few times each year, the club promotes lunch meetings in rural settings. You may recall that I rode to Phillipsburg MT last year for a Thumpercafe, as they are called. This year, I missed one in remotest Nevada, but I'm going to Lake Metigoshe, ND (he wrote, as if he thought you might have heard of Lake Metigoshe) on the Canadian border.

I've never been in ND. I may never have been in SD, either. I can't recall visiting Nebraska. So I've never seen the Badlands or the Black Hills. As much a motorcycle destination as it is, I've never been to Sturgis. I plan on setting all that right in the next five or six days.

The Thumpercafe is Saturday. I'm leaving Denver tomorrow (Wednesday) morning to give myself plenty of time to look around. I'll be staying in motels but I don't expect that they'll offer internet access so I'll be away from computers during the trip.

I'll stay in Minot ND on Friday night, and then ride the 100mi to the lunch venue on Saturday morning. The lunch, the ostensible excuse for the trip, may last two or three hours. I believe I'll ride to the event by myself, but I hope to pick up some companions for part of the trip home.

Enjoy the rest of the week and the weekend. I'll be in touch next week!