Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Is sports heroism suspect? Are we justifiably cynical?

So.... Danilo De Luca, the man who provided the excitement in this year's Giro d'Italia, tested positive for performance enhancing drugs during that event. We all enjoyed watching De Luca attack and attack, admiring his grit and fire.

Now we have to feel a bit cheated, huh? Are we cheated down the road too? In future Giros, Tours and Classics, when we watch guys rocket up the road, will we suspect that the rockets are fueled by forbidden chemistry?

Is it supposed to be this difficult to be a fan? It's easy to say Keep the Faith, Baby, but much of the news is bad.

Say it ain't so, Danilo....


Anonymous said...

Just hope nothing similar comes up after the TdF.

Earle said...

There will be accusations, of course. Whether they are true will take months, maybe years to sort out. Such is the sport of cycle racing.