Thursday, April 24, 2008

Thurs afternoon, 5:00 Rocky Mtn Time, Bisbee!

I'm at a loaner computer in the Copper Queen Library in downtown Bisbee, Arizona. Uneventful ride from Silver City. I visited my friend Ken's bicycle shop/bike museum, the Bisbee Bicycle Brothel. Ken introduced me to a guy named Matt, who is helping him - and is from Denver! He was a friend of Scott Taylor's at Salvagetti Cycles, he says. Nice guy.

Ken has moved his store about a block down the street, Bisbee's old red light and tavern street, Brewery Gulch. He has way more room and his coolstuff inventory just keeps growing!

My friend Jim met me outside the Bisbee Coffee Company; he was riding my sweet old Honda GB500, photos of which are featured on this very blog. It was great to see Jim and to see the Honda again... sniff....

I'll be here until Monday, I think. The racing starts tomorrow night. I'll try to stick my head into this library each day and post something to my blog. I wish I had brilliant statements or cool insights for you, but all I know for sure is that my post-ride shower sure felt good. Motorcycle clothing appropriate for Denver is oppressive in SE Arizona.

Even on my new, more powerful motorcycle, traffic on the interstates, 25 and 10 this trip, moves faster than I care to ride. If I ride 80mph, 5mph over the limit, the semis and cars stream by on my left. I can see them coming now that my mirrors are fixed.

Take care, y'll...and thanks for reading. I'll be in touch!

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Please be careful.