Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Silver City NM, 2:00 Weds

I'm in a cool cafe on Bullard, the main drag in downtown Silver City, NM, where guys play recorders in cafes. I've had a fine day and a half on the road, CO and NM 285 to Santa Fe, then the interstate to Truth or Consequences (no kidding) NM and across a fine technical two-lane to Silver City.

I'll ride to Bisbee tomorrow to prepare for the Vuelta de Bisbee, a three day stage race this weekend. Hippie town to hippie town - that's my itinerary.

Except for mirrors that would not stay in place (now repaired) so that I had to ride a few hundred miles with no rear vision, all went well. I'll try to post a little update from Bisbee, where I'll be seeing local friends, Denver friends and Tucson friends.

I changed clothes in Gila Bike 'n' Hike a few minutes ago, where I met a guy from the north of England, Carlyle, I believe, who was riding from San Diego to Florida. Super guy.

Somehow, life on the road is unlike life in one's own 'hood... We meet folks we'll never seen again, and almost every time, they're kind and more than willing to go out of their way for us. Or they're like this British guy - an ordinary looking fellow, not lean and fit-looking, riding all the way across a foreign country on his bicycle...

I'm thinking that it's good to get outta Dodge....

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