Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Our plans

Tomorrow morning, Tamar and I will fly to Indianapolis to visit family and attend the MotoGP motorcycle road races at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway. And the Indy Mile (dirt track) at the state fairgrounds.

Tamar will visit the new public library in Indy and the art museum, both renowned facilities. For the first time, I have secured press credentials for the MotoGP, allowing me access, well, nearly everywhere, I hope. We're both stoked about the trip.

Luckily, Valentino Rossi's broken leg has healed fast; he'll be competing at Indy. Ticket sales were slow when his presence there was doubtful. When he began racing again, the Motor Speedway sold tickets worth $250,000 in a single day. We're excited to see Rossi ride, and I may, maybe, get a chance to meet him.

We'll be gone four days. Not long after we return, I'm going to the Bay Area for the first time in years to ride the annual Old Farts Ride, a gathering of men and women who were racing in the '60s and '70s. I have found excuses since I left the Bay for missing the OFR, but this year....

I apologize for the few posts on my blog page this summer. I've been riding my bicycle but to be honest have been having more fun on the motorcycle. I rode to my HS reunion in Indy. I did a one-day, 526mi event over 11 mountain passes here in CO. Tamar and I attended the Four-Stroke Single Nat'l Owners Club lunch in Wondervu, CO, a few weeks ago.

Oh, and I worked for the census, and soon I'll be working for the election people as the general election approaches and on the day. My friend Phil presented me with a gift motorcycle that was not yet ready for prime time, and I've been preoccupied with it and its refurbishing.

I suppose I've been busy doing stuff and writing stuff for publication. I've neglected my blog.

I'll do better, I think. Meanwhile, may you easily afford Rapha but not buy it.



addison said...

as for motorcycles and bicycles, i always had a difficult time blending the two............both offered freedom but at different rates of time and one would reign supreme until the other took over.
lately have not had the option to have to decide, maybe a bit down the road
as for blogs, quality beats quantity.......dont worry about it

B, J and Q said...

How about some pics of the new steed? Good luck meeting Rossi!

Anonymous said...

Truly a confluence of spectacularness. I too have been training for the OFR 40 mile No Drop Ride. [I can now get a 100 psi into the the 'ol rub-wear w/o farting]. What dish are you bringing? I just found the jell-o mold. Green or red?

See you there.

B. Wally