Monday, August 9, 2010

North Hampton, Maine, passes noise law....the Harley shop responds

Here's the link.

In this (occasional) blogger's opinion, loud Harleys (or sportbikes) are no different from sidewalk riding cyclists or Critical Massers. At some point, pissed-off folks with local or regional horsepower will become fed right up. We're so often our own worst enemies, huh?


Anonymous said...

The cops will pull over any knothead they hear blasting through the town making a bunch of racket, just like if the same bozo was driving some old four-wheeled clunker without a muffler. Where's the problem here? What I don't understand is these Harley's are rarely about performance so what's the reason for sawing off the muffler in the first place unless you're some juvenile moron who just wants to make a lot of racket?

James Thurber said...

After spending a week in the Sierra, much of the time being "destroyed" by incredibly loud Harley types, I support this ordnance. If you don't have stock pipes . . . then you bike should get towed (!)