Thursday, August 5, 2010

The NY Times on the Spooky Doin's

Here's the link.

Lance was here in Denver yesterday, all excited about next year's Quizno's Pro Challenge stage race. All the while, the law is trying to nail him. We've got 500 loaner bikes here in town and miles of terrific bike paths, and the right is calling cycling a leftist plot to undermine the American Way.

Ah, Colorado....


Larry and Heather said...

We've got loonies like this in Iowa too. Steve King's probably the kookiest. Sadly, these politicians are not as whacky as they seem -- they don't believe goofball stuff like this but they know the kooks that DO will vote for them -- and there are a lot of kooks out there, look at the ratings for FOX News sometime.

Khal said...

Unfortunately, Larry is right. This shit would not be spouted if politicians like Maes and King didn't know there was a fertile market for ignorance and rage. Shades of the Beer Hall Putsch.