Sunday, July 11, 2010

The State of the State (Colorado)

From the Boulder Daily Camera, here's a look at how Colorado is faring in the battle for the streets.

I just rode up Left Hand Canyon (out of Boulder) yesterday, long steady climb, longest climb I've ridden in years, I think. I had trouble with me, but zero trouble with cars. There were hundreds of cyclists on that road, and thousands elsewhere around the area and state.

Frankly, knowing what I know and we all know about the mental health of motorists, it's a blessing there isn't more trouble than there is.


James Thurber said...

Mental Health of Motorists? Good comment. I just finished working atop Ebbetts Pass for the Death Ride and the California Highway Patrol had closed off numerous roads. It was WONDERFUL.

The best thing we, as a nation, could do is to reduce the driving population by at least 50 percent - not get rid of the folks, just reduce the number of people who actually drive. Put the rest of the people on bicycles, on foot or public transportation. Just think what a wonderful change that would be!

philcycles said...

The CHP is one of, if not the, most bicycle enlightened forces in the nation.
that said, on to my comment. Reading the comments on the piece they have the same theme as most pieces on the subject: that because some cyclists break the law all cyclists are fair game.
Why the same logic isn't applied to drivers, who, as far as I cam tell, regard stop signs as mere suggestions, is beyond me.
Phil Brown