Tuesday, July 6, 2010

My latest motorcycle piece

This piece ran in CityBike, Motorcycle Sport and Leisure, and the Southeast Arizona Touring Riders newsletter; SEAT is my old motorcycle club in Tucson. It's about great big bloated motorcycles.


Russell said...

This is partly why I traded my ST1100 for a VFR back in '99, when the VFR was "only" 450 ish pounds. As much as I like it, it isn't as fun to scoot around on as my '88 Hurricane - 400 ish pounds, and not as tippy feeling.

workingdog said...

Spot on! That's why I ride a Moto Guzzi Breva 750.

workingdog said...

I suspect another reason motorcycles are getting bigger is a change in people's expectations over the years in the United States. Decades ago, when most people probably had experience riding a bicycle as an adult, a motorcycle could have been perceived as a "bicycle with a motor." These days, when most adults have virtually no experience with a bicycle, a motorcycle is seen as a "car with only two wheels." Hence an attraction to an overperforming motorcycles overloaded with accessories.