Sunday, October 4, 2009

George and his lovely old Jaguar

Clicking on this will take you to the Auto Ego section of the New York Times, to an article about a guy from NYC who drives the same '68 E-Type Jaguar he's driven for decades. I love the car and I like the guy, but the audio slide show, if you listen to him talk, describes a condition of cool-vehicle ownership that I have struggled with.

George Sweeper is far more gracious with passersby who ask questions about his car than I can be. It's a gift, I figure, that I was not given. I want to be nice, and in my best moods I can be nice. But I am not dependably nice. Hence this post. Enjoy the slide show....

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Addison said...

Looking at all the Zero comments flags, I wonder if everyone has gone to luch or just agrees, or is worn by the prospect of the two wheel season drawing to a close(noticed it was 30 degrees in Denver this AM)
As teenaged Jaguar fan in the early sixties, I still remember when a friend handed me a new Sports Illustrated with the new E Jag ad on the back cover, roadster and coupe, really an ageless design. I have yet to drive one, all these decades later, but glad Mr George does and uses his car the way it was to be enjoyed.