Friday, December 19, 2008

Kings of Logistics, a slide show

Here's a link to a slide show, provided to my by my friend Corey. I feel that it's safe to say that you will hardly believe your eyes... Use the arrows at the top to go from page to page. If you tried this and it didn't work, please try again. I believe I've fixed it.


Dan Brekke said...

Wow -- that last one really is the winner.

But: Are they really the real kings of logistics, or just super-adept at balancing crazy piles of s__t on two-wheeled vehicles?

Naturally, I'm reminded of a story or two: The Japanese Army moving by bicycle so fast that they flanked the British defenders of Singapore. And later, when the French invited the Vietnamese communist army to attack them in Dienbienphu--figuring the native forces would never be able to bring the firepower to the battle that the French had--the Vietnamese broke down artillery pieces and transported the gun parts to the battle zone by bicycle.

B, J and Q said...

Thanks for the slide show. Reminds me of living in Cambodia where I saw this (and much more) daily.