Saturday, November 15, 2008

Twenty-five degrees for the Toy Run

It's almost eight. At nine, 200 scooterists will meet at our local Vespa (plus Triumph, Ducati etc) store to ride en mass to the Ronald McDonald House - bearing gifts. Nice for the kids, but sadly for the fingers and toes of the scooter riders, it's 25 out there. 

I remember doing the same ride last year but I don't recall the below-freezing temps. Maybe it was just as cold and I've forgotten: My memory focusing on the fun, not the discomfort.

Winter is upon us in Denver, snow yesterday morning and sub-freezing nights. Time to get out all the cycling and motorcycling winter stuff - the mittens, scarves and booties... 

This is a difficult time o' year for me, after decades in California and Arizona. I don't mind the cold so much, but when the roads and sidewalks get icy I grow fearful. Maybe the snow will melt within hours of falling, as we were told it would. I'll keep my fingers crossed inside my mittens.

My surgeon says I have lots of new bone on my femur. Healing well. I told him I was limping (walking like a penguin, says Tamar) so he gave me a new exercise to strengthen a muscle that had shrunk, I guess. Three months was all it took. My butt is half-size at this point, no kidding.

I've got to run, got to put on 23 layers of cold-weather motorcycling stuff. Because I know it's important to you, I promise to say hi to Ronald for each of you. I'd want you to do it for me...


Anonymous said...

I lived in Spokane for a couple of years, and would venture out in sub-freezing weather just 'cause, well, 'cause I had forgotten how bad I felt the last time I went out in the cold. It seemed the the best part of the ride was the shower at the end of the ride.

Except that the hot water on nearly frost bitten fingers and toes was more painful than the cold ride.

And the constant scanning of the road looking for "black ice". Sheesh! Total vigilance for total commitment. There has to be reward in this somewhere.

Happy Holidaze to all.

B. Wally

Prospero75 said...

During the Cal-24 some decades ago, we rode through snow in the mountains. A CHP stopped me about dawn and made me wait for the black ice to melt... dj