Friday, November 7, 2008

Is everybody happy? Rated R

These emails will look a mess; I've left them in as-sent form. GMail saves emails in "conversations," so these are in order as sent. 

Here's how I got on this list: I responded to a for-sale ad months ago from the guy from Cheyenne, P.C. He was short and surly in his email responses to my questions. I forgot about him - until Tue, Nov 4th, when his note went out to perhaps 100 addresses. 

Oh, I did not correct spelling or grammar in any of these notes. I did insert two asterisks (*).

Sent: Tue, 4 Nov 2008 11:27 pm
Subject: support
our country is in distress, our way of life is about to change, we have been a free people and live by a certain way of life, now we will be more than a minority, laughed at by the rest of the world.
Now I have nothing against other races, but I can profile a person very well. He's an ego maniac, a liar, a half breed muslim, doesn't like whites very much, very friendly with the terrorist side of the world-i could not care if the president was purple, this man is going to f**k us.
If you are one of those how voted and supported our new HAGI President, than shame on you and don't even bother write back with some stupid explanation of why. All I can say to you is --you better learn how to get on your knees and face east.
I will be flying our U.S. Flag upside down in protest against our newly elected president.
Stand up, be heard, for what you believe in  even if it is silent(a symbol) 
If this offends you,to bad 
Cheyenne   Wyoming Territory

   Sorry you feel so bad about our new legally elected president and can not support him and what this country was founded on. The Popular and Electoral votes have been counted and it seems as if the majority of the country is ready for a change. 
   I supported Pres. Bush even after he stole the election in 2000, losing the popular vote and some shady votes in Fla. (funny how his brother was governor) I supported an idiot as president who took this country from having a coalition of the willing to being on our own on the war against terrorism. I supported him when he said that Iraq had weapons of mass destruction and took our troops out of Afghanistan and directed them on a deadly never ending quest for the spreading of "democracy". But I supported him and my country. I supported him when my friends and coworkers in the reserves (yes military) were sent over there on his and his administrations need for "security". And watched when they came back wounded and disillusioned about the motives of the mission. These same members of the military who voted for McCain, but told me that if Obama wins they will support him BECAUSE his is the president of the USA.
   And now that we have a president elect. who wants to restore our dignity, our proper place in the world, I only hope that people will give him a chance. If we were wrong then we will vote him out.
   I am sorry P you feel this way, I thought better of you, and would have more respect for you if you would just say I don't like him because he is a nigger. If you at least said that I would have no argument yes he is an African American and that is based on fact, but your argument is based on exaggerated rumors and innuendoes. 
  P, I know we haven't seen each other in many years, but I believe that 4 years from now we will be safer and more secure, the nation will still be here. My God, your God, Allah or who ever is out there, will not have smitten me from this world and committed me to Hades to burn for eternity for having had hope in a change. If I am wrong well at least I felt that I was doing good on earth and I wouldn't want to be in "that" heaven any way.
  Maybe then we can talk again.
Peace J

From Mr S: I don't support him either.  I have no president at this time!

From j: But you are happy to make a living selling training on a commy rifle, kinda hypocritical no?

From S:  Hardly....freedom is freedom...even if it comes from a former member of the Spetznas teaching americans how to run rifles its govermment is afraid of.  Why am I even on this mailing list???

From j: One more thing Mr S, how many people named Abul, Achmed etc with cash in hand have you trained? Or do you only train US citizens with proper papers on the Kalashnikov, also known as the terorist woepon of choice. Let me show you my budies wounds

From S: First of all butt-breath, spell my name right. I don't teach anyone who wears diapers on their heads (or jackboots).  But while we are at it, at least I have more respect for them than I do the commie liberals that got Obama (excuse me while I spit) elected.  Now why don't you people simply eliminate me from this silly mailing list?? 

From G: Now, now people, stop the bickering.  I believe we live in a free country and are entitled to our own opinions and beliefs.  I usually don’t reply to such emails, however, this one irked me. 

J, have you ever participated in a war?  Have you ever been a POW?  Do you have children?  Any individual who has served in a war and has endured and survived the viciousness of being a POW, IN MY OPINION, has more integrity, respect, experience, character and honor to be a leader of MY COUNTRY.  You’ve “watched when they came back wounded and disillusioned”.  I have very vivid memories of the 60’s, the men who died unnecessarily for our country, those who returned in body bags.  I have two sons, one who will be turning 18 very shortly, and I say this with honesty and with all my heart - - I love my sons and my life with them more than ANY piece of land.  That’s my opinion and I’m sticking to it! 

You say you supported Bush but yet you call him an idiot; please try to make a definite decision, one that you truly believe in; not just because you have to.  You do have the freedom of choice; we all have that privilege.  You rather base a decision on the “N” word than to just converse and compare opinions?  (When did it become politically correct to use the “N” word again?)  (I would much rather refer to him as a spoiled snot nose brat.)  Again, make up your mind.  Do you support the newly elected president, or not? 

Here’s another one of my opinions – these candidates raise a disgusting amount of money (70 million +) to campaign.  If just half of that money was given to the homeless, that person would have received my vote.  There should not be any campaigning allowed at all for any office; no brochures in the mail, no infomercials, no debates, no signage.  Instead, we the people, should be informed of who is running and, we the people, should research the candidates on our own and come to our own personal free choice based on the data and knowledge obtained (most of which is at our fingertips). 

You should be ashamed of yourself that you are unable to carry on a conversation (maybe even a heated one); it’s not an attractive character at all.  Friendships shouldn’t be in danger because of our privilege of freedom of speech.  Personally, I don’t give a shit who voted for whom but I certainly care that I still have the freedom NOT to support the elected. 

So stop the bickering, get a grip, live your life – it’s only an opinion.  In other words, it’s FREEDOM. Try a little harder to keep the peace,   G 


From Y: get me off this list. immediately

From C: Get me off this list immediately.

From N: Me too please.


Anonymous said...

A common thread among the rabid ignorant is their inability to make sense of change. It scares the hell out of them.

Reading the screed from P was painful. You could actually see his [?] blood pressure rising. And you knew exactly where he was getting his talking points. That is, anyone with a narrow bigoted view and a web presence.

Anytime someone says, "I'm not a racist, but..." Well, they are.

I know that I'm happy. Even for P. I'll bet in four years P will be the proud owner of something he's never had before. Dignity.

B. Wally

sda said...

I'm happy. Damn happy. And proud.