Friday, July 25, 2008

Preaching closed-circuit to the choir

Here's still another link to Dave Moulton's blog. Dave's latest post warns against riding on the damn sidewalk, and I'm passing along that warning, despite my reservations. No one who reads Dave's blog or mine needs to be reminded of the stupidity of riding on urban or even suburban sidewalks.

Maybe no one who can read needs to be reminded.

Yesterday evening, Tamar and I watched two local fixie riders, side-by-side, taking the left-hand (fast) lane on one-way Grant Street, just as if they had a parade permit. Much as I hate to open this can o' worms again, SO many fixie riders have their brains resting on their Brooks.

If those boneheads ever get a brain scan, doctors will detect traces of Proofhide. The doctors will be baffled but the rest of us will nod our weary heads. Not a difficult diagnosis...

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