Thursday, July 17, 2008

I jus' wanna say....

I'd like to say once again that I'm grateful for the thoughtful comments you submit to my blog. Several of you are regular contributors of comments; thank you for making my blog a more provocative place to visit.

Even the comments that go against the blogger's grain are welcome. If I seem to bristle or get in your face post-comment, ignore the attitude, continue to read my obnoxious rantings and keep commenting.

Even if you have an old Brooks enshrined on your wall with an everlastingly burning candle in front of it. Even you. Thanks for the pro, and thanks for the con. I love the pro; I need the con.


1 comment:

Khal said...

Pros and cons??

You wanna pro? Call Heidi Fleiss.
You wanna con? Call the White House.