Tuesday, July 29, 2008

A coupla things...

First, I have been surprised by the supportive tone of the comments about my friend B's actions when he was accosted by an irate motorist. I expected a chorus of "what'd he expect?" He did reap what he sowed - he has cuts and bruises to prove it.

But the guy who treated him so badly is realizing that feeling empowered to abuse just anyone can result in imprisonment. Sad that it's just the one guy. We need a TV show about angry drivers getting their comeuppance - instead of another show about guys beating up one another.

On Sunday, Tamar and I on our motorcycle joined seven other riders for a glorious loop in the mountains. We rode to the summit of Mt Evans at 14,000ft, where it was 39 degrees.

The pace, the level of passing aggressiveness and the company were all perfect. Why tell you this?

Because I have been on one group ride after another, on both bicycles and motorcycles (all three major Denver area bicycle clubs and a local high-end motorcycle club) and not enjoyed even one of them. They felt dangerous or raggedy-ass. Or some of the participants were ill-mannered.

I became afraid that I was growing old, mean and characteristically gloomy. Too quick to criticize. Impossible to satisfy.


Think I'm relieved?


sda said...

"old, mean and characteristically gloomy"? Heheh, hardly. You sir just have a good knack for spotting "good form" and "bad form". Obviously you desire the members of your community (cyclists or motorcyclists) to display the former. But when you see someone displaying latter, on a bicycle or motorcycle, it is a bit of an affront to your respective two-wheeled communities. At least that is the way I see it. And for what its worth Maynard, I think you do a pretty fair job of commenting on the good and the bad.

Nick said...

Older and grumpy's OK, it just means you're wiser and more discerning than you used to be (and also that, inexplicably, everyone else has become more stupid!).

Khal said...

I have the same tendency, Maynard. Years of working on cycling projects makes one intolerant of those who would bring disgrace on our sport.

Not sure that is good news or bad news for you. Or for me.