Thursday, September 17, 2015

I'm excited to tell you that I'm promoting a "retro" bicycle ride next year with Denver's Turin Bikes. As it stands, the ride will be on July 10th, 2016. You will not have to have toeclips and straps or exposed brake cables to ride, although we hope to attract lots of old-school bikes.

We plan to start and finish the ride on country roads east of Denver. We'll ride 50 miles, give or take, on wide, rolling roads with very little weekend traffic. We envision a conversational, social ride, not a training ride. Perhaps I should have capitalized NOT. Thank you.

We also plan to invite women riders associated with the three shops on the Front Range that are doing rides somewhat like this one: Creekside Cyclery in Parker, south of Denver; Vecchio's in Boulder, and Turin.

We encourage riders of "modern" bikes to ride if they have a friend on a retro bike. We ask that riders of current bikes refrain from sitting at the front of our ride. That's not the idea.

Please, if you think you might want to do a ride like this one, put July 10th on your calendar. The details in this note are no-way finalized. But as of this morning, I believe it'll happen!


unclechet said...

Sounds fun! I have an old Burly "Duet" tandem. It's from the pre-aero brake era. I might be able to talk the wife into a nice 50 miler…………..

Earle said...

I'm beginning to organize a similar event in Whitewater, Wisconsin, for Saturday, May 21. Social pace, encouraging but not demanding vintage style bikes, rolling country roads with little traffic.

Skip Montanaro said...

Is this ride still "on"? If so, I'd be happy to add it to the Vintage Cycling Events calendar.