Monday, September 14, 2015


As of late last week, I am informed that the Bicycle Paper, a fine free monthly cycling newspaper distributed in the Pacific NW, is for sale and may not continue in its present form. That means I am out of a job in a cycling publication for the first time since the spring of 1983, when I went to work for Winning Magazine.

For more than 30 years I've been responsible for a cycling-related story or two each month, in California Bicyclist, Winning, Velo-News, the Rivendell Reader and the Bicycle Paper. So I continue to watch what's happening in cycling and thinking: There's an article there!

This blog has been dormant for some years, I'm afraid. But if ideas continue to occur to me, and I continue not to have a place to sell them, I'll post them here. If you do visit my blog and as time passes you do see posts about this and that related to cycling and motorcycling...or any damn thing, it means that I'm out the income from that Bicycle Paper gig, but I'm still writing about cycling.

I'm still contributing to CityBike, a motorcycle newspaper in the SF Bay Area, and to Motorcycle Sport and Leisure, a really fine slick monthly magazine from the UK. Thanks for reading!


Stephen Kramme said...

So happy to read a new post on your Blog. Your column in City Bike is the first thing I read when arrives at the local shop. I'd sure like to read your insights and observations in a major bicycle publication as well.

Thank you Maynard,

Steve Kramme
Novato, CA

resty said...

Nice of you to be writing again. Accidentally came upon it in The Outspoken Cyclist on Facebook. Looking forward to your interesting essays.