Saturday, December 25, 2010

Young Dick Cavett at Christmas, given a peek into the adult world

I'm thankful at holiday time for Dick Cavett's stories and for the New York Times. Without either, it would be a poorer life indeed. This piece won't make you laugh or fill you with holiday cheer. Read it anyway and write me a mean comment if it ruins your Christmas. Or a nice one if it enhances it.

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John from the uk said...

What an excellent story. Although it doesn't have any parallels with Christmas here in the UK, certainly not any of mine, it got me thinking about Christmases when I was a boy especially the part about visiting relatives. I'm now 47 and have children of my own and we try to make Christmas as special as we can for our children.
By the way, I love your column in Motorcycle sport and leisure magazine here in the UK.