Sunday, October 10, 2010

Rival NYC Spin Classes - Who'd have believed this?

I don't know that I have anything to add. Check out this NY Times piece, please....

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Larry and Heather said...

Back-in-the-day when Larry ran a bicycle store, he'd get folks asking for what was to become a "spin bike" but then was just an "indoor trainer" or simply "exercise bike". First he'd try to sell actual bicycle with the pitch around the fact that (with the addition of a clamp-on resistance trainter) you could ride to nowhere inside your house but ALSO actually ride the thing OUTSIDE too!
We're happy folks are getting fit and content with these indoor cycling classes but a bit sad that these folks may be learning to turn pedals very well but will NEVER learn how to properly RIDE a bicycle until they get outside and find some willing instructors -- otherwise, when/if they do get outside on the bike, they're often the equivalent of a supercharged hemi-engine powering a shopping-cart chassis! All power, no skills. It can be a scary thing to see.