Friday, June 19, 2009

This is good!

Here, drawn/written by Kenny Be, is Westword's (our alternative newspaper here in Denver) guide to "surviving the invasion of the (two-wheeled) summer road warriors." I was concerned that the cartoons would not show well on your computers, but I took a look; they may be more readable on your screen than in the June 18-24 copy of Westword on my desk.

This is big fun. Someone should send a copy to Missy Giove, wherever she is. I'll bet she could use a laugh at this point....


philcycles said...

Here in the People's Republic Of Berkeley and the Shooting Gallery that is Oakland the Fixie Pixie dominates the cycling scene except for Saturday and Sunday mornings, when the roadies come out of hiding.
Very funny.
And too bad about Missy.
Phil Brown

Earle said...

A couple of years ago, I decided I was no longer cool enough to ride a fixie, and gave mine to may daughter as a high-school graduation present. The funny thing about the current hipsters is that they see a fifty-something on a fixie with fenders and a brake and manage to look right past the 30 years of experience.

cyclotourist said...

Poor Missy. I met her in Big Bear and she was really nice. Just hangin' out sort of a person. Federal drug charges do suck.