Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Again from the NY Times, a contest among young designers for sylish, functional cycling gear

We want more people riding, right? And some people will resist riding until riding seems to them to be hip 'n' happening, done in style by style-conscious folks. Here's a short piece about a contest among clothing designers to come up with cool clothes and bags. The video is fun. Worth watching.

Tamar and I do read the NY Times, and I've always posted pieces from that paper. But there were never so many cycling-related items in the Times in the past. Hooray for the NY Times! 

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Khal said...

Nothing is as elegant as the bike itself, so we play second fiddle even with the fancy duds. And I bet those clothes will even more expensive than a Campy derailleur. Sheesh.

Gimme a cute girl on a bike in cutoff jeans and a halter top anyday. Of course, I'm so old I wouldn't know what to do with her.