Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Thanks to my friend Tena...

By Reed Albergotti - from the Wall Street Journal, a paper seldom found linked on my blog: Giro Descending, and a terrific piece it is. Look at that photo! Is that a helicopter shot?

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Earle said...

I'm a rank amateur, but one of the things that has helped me descend faster than most (besides my Wisconsin Beer Muscle) is a bicycle I trust.
My first custom frame was built by a California descending legend, Dave Brink, and I learned to trust the bike, look where I was going and not interfere with the way it flew down the tricky descents in the Berkeley Hills.
Now I have a similar frame, very well executed in titanium and steel, that I like to say "doesn't even scare my wife when I go fast."
If you ride a lot, buy a custom frame from your local framebuilder. You will treasure it for years.