Monday, May 11, 2009

Much as I hate traffic and the way people act when they drive...

Like Stanley Fish in this NY Times editorial, I'm a car nut. My nextdoor neighbor taught me to drive a stick-shift in his MG TD. When I owned cars, years ago, they were cool cars. This is a fine piece by a guy with genuine credentials - as a thinker and a car nut.

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Khal said...

Nice essay by Stanley, although he usually gets a little long-winded.

Three years ago I made the mistake of selling my Porsche 951, which my wife, who would live her whole life driving a Corolla, claims put my mechanic’s kid through college. Disconsolately, I bought a more practical car. Unfortunately, I found that practicality is highly over-rated, at least looking at this from a car nut’s perspective.