Monday, January 26, 2009

Where's the followup to What Mike Barry Said?

I promised I was going to think further about the joys of group riding, and I did. I started on a blog post that got longer and longer. As I worked on it, things happened that convinced me I was not the only person thinking about the subject.

I saw my friend Jake at Turin Bikes here in Denver. Jake told me that a friend of his is starting a club aimed at guys who will not ride the Tour this year but who would love a safe, organized training ride. I got the guy's email address, wrote him and asked to be put on the list.

I heard from Dave Brinton, famous VeloNews cartoonist, that their club in Boulder, a club with much the same focus, is working out well. In my post, I repeated a story that Brintoni had told me about one of the rides. To make sure the post wouldn't upset anyone, I copied the text into an email note and sent it to Brinton. 

He suggested a small change or two. I made those changes and sent him the story again. As I did that, it occured to me that my post had outgrown my blog, and had become a column for a cycling magazine. When Brinton responded, he said he thought that the piece had At the Back in VeloNews written all over it - and that he'd love to draw the accompanying cartoon. 

So I fleshed the piece out a bit and sent the result to Brintoni, who will present it to Editor Ben Delaney and lobby for its publication in VN. We'll see, as Brintoni said, how good an agent he is.

Wish us luck...


John said...

I miss your "At the Back" colums. The blog Barry wrote does remind me of some of the ATB pieces. I hope it shows up there.

Steve Courtright said...

I echo John's sentiments. Your contributions were a main reason to choose VN over the other mags. Hope it shows up there with the much needed message intact.

Addison said...

Boy O boy!
What a bright spot in January to find Maynard out there again after too many years of wondering where he went.
Yes the group aspects make it one of life's true delights. I have been riding when I can for far too many years.
Addison Wardwell

Maynard said...

Addison, please write me at I hope you're doing great. It's been a lotta years...

Khal said...

Its been a long time since I had a print subscription to VN. As it has been a long time since I rode in a race. I miss the At the Back and feel guilty I don't buy the hard copy rag to see O'Grady's cartoons.

Maynard, by chance were you out in Hawaii during the Tour of Hawaii international amateur race(s)? I was driving one of the support vehicles and a bunch of us got to meet guys like Jan Ullrich before they became rich, famous, and decadant. I don't recall who was covering it on the motorcycle, but wonder if it was you and if we actually ran into each other or if I am imagining it.

Time flies when you are having fun.

Maynard said...

Hi Khal!
I worked the T of Hawaii once - on a rented Yamaha as I recall. I can't remember if I worked it for Mavic or Shimano, but I think it was Shimano. I remember a descent on pavement covered with growing green stuff, slick as ice, scared me on the motor. A Polish guy broke away on that descent (I'd have refused to WALK down) and I couldn't keep up with him.

I'll bet we did work that event together. Did you know a guy named Atomman Kim? He was my friend there but sadly we've been out of contact for years. Send me a note at