Monday, January 5, 2009

Ignore those other guys....

Here's a link to a provocative piece by the Managing Editor of the Manteca, CA, Bulletin. I'd say it's about "pacing yourself" and listening to your "inner drummer." We've all heard these warnings before, but seldom in such charming, self-effacing packaging. Nicely done, Dennis Wyatt!

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Anonymous said...

Nice piece. A few of us who rode together on the MS 150 in August have started a ride we call the Saturday Social. It's a response to the testosterone fueled club rides in Madison. We gather, make sure all the riders know each other, decide on an approximate route and distance, and ride together. No drops, no attacks, conversational pace. It's a really civilized way to ride. A little too icy for it now, but we rode pretty deep into the cold weather.
-Earle in Madison