Thursday, September 25, 2008

Gmail; a lament

I'm sorry for the gap in posts. I've been struggling with my computer. Gmail crashes in seconds, taking (first) Firefox with it and now Internet Explorer. I have wasted hours in running anti-bug programs and scans, uninstalling one protection-racket program and downloading another. All to no avail. My email will be shunted to Comcast Webmail, which has not yet crashed. But I cannot export/import my address book, so emailing out is problematical.

But my leg! My leg is getting better! Why, the swelling is down so much that I have a visible ankle - a bony area separating my lower leg from my foot. No kidding! I'm walking a good bit every day on my crutches in lovely early fall Denver weather; I'm doing my physical therapy exercises....and getting better.

I see my surgeon on October 1st. It is my hope that he will allow me to begin to put some weight on my left leg - so that I can ride a bicycle on a trainer (in low gears) and walk with a cane instead of my crutches. The crutches have been helpful but they are not lovable. I am thankful for them, but they are as unlovable as your anti-virus programs. Almost.

I'm glad that the crash happened in August and not a couple of months later. Had I fallen in October, in December I'd be wanting to get outside for walks but the sidewalks would be icy. I don't know what I'd do. Get a ride to an indoor mall and walk around it?

I have been thinking about riding my motorcycle once I'm better but I have not been imagining riding my bicycle. I think about cycling, if I'm explaining myself accurately, but not much about my own riding.

The costs of that crash is hard to calculate in terms I can communicate to you. In terms of pain and inconvenience and time lost and strain on Tamar's and my relationship... In fearfulness and self-absorption.

I'm confident that I'll get past all this; Tamar and I will remember this as a nightmare that will fade in time. Perhaps we will forget the price we paid for my not seeing that goddamn sand.

I am happy to see the return to top-level cycling of Tyler Hamilton, Floyd Landis, Ivan Basso and Lance Armstrong. Racing will be more entertaining with those guys around. Wishing that they could just blend back into the peleton is silly, but Lance's return (to Astana) will certainly muddy the waters there.

If you were Johan Bruneel, would you rather have a superstar fan- and sponsor-magnet whose further Tour-winning abilities are unproven - or an ordinary winner of three grand tours who is merely a wonderful bike racer? Merely a winner?


jthurber80 said...

Crashing and major injuries put a strain on any relationship -- but that's how I found my wife! She was simply a friend who began to take care of me after my hip was shattered by a red light runner back in March of 2000. The relationship began and we married two years later -- a very good thing.

Maynard, go ahead and get back onto that motorcycle -- you don't need to put much weight on that leg to ride :) I had two broken arms in 2005 and began riding my bicycle before the casts were off. Dumb? Sure but loads of fun? Just don't dare tell your orthopedist.

Keep up the good work and heal fast.

Nephew Nick said...

My Gmail has been acting funny (and I don't know why).

I clicked on "view in HTML" and it worked.

Jay Rochlin said...

In case you hadn't yet read Ian Hibell's obit in "The Economist."

I'm riding a classic diamond frame Bike Friday.

Here's hoping for continued recovery.