Thursday, May 1, 2008

Thursday afternoon at the Silver City Library

I've just finished the second road race, this one with a lot of climbing and fast, technical descending, and I'm looking forward to two days off. Tomorrow is time trial day (one rider at a time on a measured course against the stop watch) and Saturday is the downtown criterium (lap race). I have no work at either and I'm pleased; I'm tired from what I've done so far.

It's windy here, really windy, so windy that when my friend Jim and I walked to dinner last night the gusts tried to knock us off our feet. The wind makes the races more dangerous; the riders cluster close together for shelter from that wind and bikes and riders bump into one another. Riding in gusty wind is a skill most of us do not need to develop. Frankly, if it were this windy at home, I wouldn't ride.

I'm out of time on this computer. I'll post again later. Sorry....

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