Tuesday, May 6, 2008

A couple of Mitch Clinton's Tour of the Gila shots

In the upper photo, you see my mechanic/passenger Todd and me during the final stage of the Tour of the Gila - the Gila Monster, as it's called. I'm eating a Nutter-Butter, my favorite mid-race food.

The Gila Monster is an epic 105-mile stage with long, steep climbs and fast, technical descents. It begins at 8AM and ends about five hours later, so you will understand how I might get hungry.

As you see, Todd is carrying a pair of spare wheels. If a rider has a flat or other mechanical problem, we stop. Todd jumps off the motorcycle and does a "service."

In the lower photo, we're following a three-man breakaway. The rider on the right is Tamar's and my Tucson friend Curtis Gunn. As breakaways slip off the front of the pack, stay away or get re-absorbed, we watch the action from the acknowledged "best seat in the house."

We follow the riders up the long hills at the lowest speed the motorcycle will sustain in its lowest gear. We follow them down the descents as fast as I can ride, the fastest I'll ride all year long.

I saw (fellow Triumph owner) Mitch Clinton's Nutter-Butter photo in a gallery on cyclingnews.com. Mitch, an old friend from my days doing this support work for Mavic, graciously sent me the Nutter-Butter photo and included the second one as a bonus.


Anonymous said...


Nice photos from the Gila.
Can you email me, I've misplaced your email address and wish to send you the information we talked about.

Daphne Ducati Pilot

Maynard said...


the comments are blind, meaning I cannot see your email address. Please email me at mhershon@gmail.com

Thanks! Maynard