Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Facebook "Notes" and this blog

An old friend told me a week or so ago about Facebook "Notes," a function of FB that allows the poster to put up longer blocks of text than would be usual in a normal post. The writer writes or pastes the text into Notes. FB publishes the title and first line or two in the usual box. Friends see it. If the topic or something in those first lines is of interest, he or she clicks on the box and the piece appears, looking good on the screen, proper spacing observed...first class.

I have found that Notes allows me to share stories and thoughts effectively. When I contributed some of these stories to magazines, regional or national, I got an occasional letter or email from a reader. With FB's Notes, I get immediate feedback. I love it.

So I am going to place my thoughts and articles in the Notes area. If you have been following my blog but are not a FB friend, please send me a friend request. You will be offered opportunities to read stories old and new. Thanks for caring enough to read this!

Maynard Hershon

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resty said...

Sending friend request on Facebook, Maynard. Check other folders. Thanks.